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Veeshan's Peak

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Bipedal Dragons

Quest Giver: Captain Sedilious

Requirements: Level 95, All to Scale and Killing Claws
Request Phrase: task
Time Limit: Unlimited
Task Type: Solo
Lockout: 1 Hour
Repeatable: Yes


  • 212 Platinum, 5 Gold


Task Steps:

  • Collect wyvern heads 0/8 (Veeshan's Peak) More Info


  • Collect wyvern heads 0/8 (Veeshan's Peak)
    • Kill wyvern, found throughout the zone

  • Re: Bipedal Dragons By: Fabionar On: May 10, 2020, 08:17:02 AM

     From the Entrance of the Zone, clear The Dragon infront of you turn Right and go up till you reach the Raptor Racnar section.
    Invis yourself and pass thrue go further up untill you see the 2 Wyvern guarding the Passage way leading into the great room to the Left.
    Kill 8 Wyvern and your done !

    Fabionar- Halo Guardians -Drinal

    Bipedal Dragons By: Riou On: December 02, 2017, 09:11:33 PM

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