Tier 1 Armor (Scaleborn)

To create tier 1 Ring of Scale raid armor, you must already posess the Empires of Kunark Group raid piece of armor for the same slot (Velazul's). These drop from raids in the Empires of Kunark expansion. They can also be purchased using Ancient Draconic Coins at the Ring of Scale Raid Vendor.

Once you have your Scaleborn piece (which you'll notice is a 2 slot container), and your EoK Raid (Velazul's) item of the same slot, you will finally need a Combine Draconic Scale Transmogrificant. This can be purchased from Blacksmith Greta in the Plane of Knowledge, or from Mercator Macatus in the Ring of Scale version of The Overthere. Once you have all these items, combine your EoK Raid armor piece along with the Combine Draconic Scale Transmogrificant inside the Scaleborn container, and enjoy your shiny new armor! Note: Be sure to remove any augmentations from your EoK Raid Armor piece before doing this combine, or you may lose the augs!