Spells Overview

Rank 1 Spell Vendors:

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Druwdav Nporto can be found in The Overthere, and sells Ring of Scale Rank 1 spells for Necromancer and Shadow Knight.

Scroll: Adalora's Shade
Scroll: Adalora's Swift Deconstruction
Scroll: Adalora's Swift Lifedraw
Scroll: Aegis of Zeklor
Scroll: Algid Renewal
Scroll: Ashen Leech
Scroll: Ashen Skin
Scroll: Azeron's Flashblaze
Scroll: Bestow Relife
Scroll: Binding of Mourgis
Scroll: Blood of Drakus
Scroll: Bomoda's Command
Scroll: Bomoda's Grasp
Scroll: Bomoda's Pallid Haze
Scroll: Bond of Xalgoz
Scroll: Burn Bones
Scroll: Burning Shadow
Scroll: Call of Nightfall
Scroll: Call Skeleton Army
Scroll: Cascading Deathshield
Scroll: Chaotic Effluvium
Scroll: Consume Essence
Scroll: Contraside
Scroll: Crippling Paraplegia
Scroll: Cytotoxic Wounds
Scroll: Defiant Stance
Scroll: Dire Coarctation
Scroll: Dire Testimony
Scroll: Drape of the Magmaforged
Scroll: Duplicitous Blight
Scroll: Effluvial Venin
Scroll: Effluvium
Scroll: Flesh to Venom
Scroll: Gift of T`Vem
Scroll: Gnawing Darkness
Scroll: Grip of Kraz
Scroll: Hair-Raising Shriek
Scroll: Hateful Bargain
Scroll: Helot Covenant
Scroll: Helot Manacles
Scroll: Helot Skin
Scroll: Hoshkar's Swift Sickness
Scroll: Ignite Memories
Scroll: Inevitable End
Scroll: Infuse Ally
Scroll: Insidious Denial
Scroll: Mendacious Audacity
Scroll: Mental Fright
Scroll: Mind Excoriation
Scroll: Minion of T`Vem
Scroll: Mourgis' Decay
Scroll: Nexona's Swift Venom
Scroll: Plague of Hemofax
Scroll: Polybiad Venom
Scroll: Putrefying Darkness
Scroll: Pyre of the Fereth
Scroll: Pyre of the Shadewarden
Scroll: Refute for Blood
Scroll: Refute for Power
Scroll: Reliving Assassin
Scroll: Revulsion
Scroll: Sanctify
Scroll: Scent of Extinction
Scroll: Shadereaper's Proclamation
Scroll: Shield of Order
Scroll: Shield of Scales
Scroll: Shroud of the Krellnakor
Scroll: Sigil of the Arcron
Scroll: Soulsiphon
Scroll: Spear of Tylix
Scroll: Terror of Kra`Du
Scroll: Torrent of Suffering
Scroll: Touch of Hemofax
Scroll: Touch of T`Vem
Scroll: Tylix's Horror
Scroll: Tylix's Skin
Scroll: Xalgoz's Bite
Tome: Claret Blade
Tome: Cursed Guardian Discipline
Tome: Hiatus
Tome: Krellnakor Mantle
Tome: Spite of Kra`Du
Tome: Tylix's Carapace
Tome: Unyielding Acrimony
Tome: Wounding Blade