Spells Overview

Rank 1 Spell Vendors:

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Frinshalor can be found in The Overthere, and sells Ring of Scale Rank 1 spells for Cleric and Paladin.

Scroll: Absolution
Scroll: Armor of Steadfast Faith
Scroll: Armor of the Merciful
Scroll: Ashbound Keeper
Scroll: Aurora of Morninglight
Scroll: Awestrike
Scroll: Blessed Ground
Scroll: Brell's Blessed Bastion
Scroll: Brilliant Exoneration
Scroll: Burst of Morninglight
Scroll: Censure
Scroll: Chromaburst
Scroll: Crush of E'Ci
Scroll: Crush of the Timorous Deep
Scroll: Defiant Stance
Scroll: Divine Imposition
Scroll: Divine Jurisdiction
Scroll: Doctrine of Exculpation
Scroll: Elixir of Wulthan
Scroll: Endure Corruption
Scroll: Expiation
Scroll: Expurgated Blood
Scroll: Extricate Corruption
Scroll: Force of Mercy
Scroll: Force of Orthiss
Scroll: Force of the Timorous Deep
Scroll: Furial Renewal
Scroll: Greater Guard of Vie
Scroll: Hammer of Repudiation
Scroll: Hand of Merciful Infusion
Scroll: Hand of the Ashbound Keeper
Scroll: Infusion of the Merciful
Scroll: Issuance of Mercy
Scroll: Lesson of Expiation
Scroll: Mark of Orthiss
Scroll: Mark of Shandral
Scroll: Mark of Teralov
Scroll: Mending Splash
Scroll: Merciful Acquittal
Scroll: Merciful Cleansing
Scroll: Merciful Contravention
Scroll: Merciful Elixir
Scroll: Merciful Force
Scroll: Merciful Fury
Scroll: Merciful Intervention
Scroll: Merciful Light
Scroll: Merciful Light
Scroll: Merciful Purity
Scroll: Merciful Remedy
Scroll: Merciful Touch
Scroll: Mollifying Glow
Scroll: Preservation of Rodcet
Scroll: Promised Remedy
Scroll: Protective Devotion
Scroll: Rallied Greater Guard of Vie
Scroll: Refute for Honor
Scroll: Remembrance
Scroll: Repudiate the Undead
Scroll: Revitalizating Steel
Scroll: Sanctify
Scroll: Sanctimonious Audacity
Scroll: Sanction
Scroll: Sermon of Sanction
Scroll: Shining Fortress
Scroll: Silent Directive
Scroll: Sixteenth Serenity
Scroll: Soothe
Scroll: Sound of Wrath
Scroll: Splash of Depuration
Scroll: Syllable of Mending
Scroll: Symbol of Teralov
Scroll: Tectonic Eruption
Scroll: Unified Assurance
Scroll: Unified Hand of Assurance
Scroll: Unified Hand of Emra
Scroll: Unity of Emra
Scroll: Unyielding Hammer of Zeal
Scroll: Unyielding Judgment
Scroll: Vow of Vengeance
Scroll: Vow of Vigilance
Scroll: Ward of Assurance
Scroll: Ward of Condemnation
Scroll: Wave of Expiation
Scroll: Word of Greater Restoration
Scroll: Word of Mending
Scroll: Yaulp XV
Tome: Armor of Mercy
Tome: Blessed Guardian Discipline
Tome: Hiatus
Tome: Kar`Zok Mantle
Tome: Righteous Condemnation
Tome: Spurn
Tome: Unyielding Affirmation