Spells Overview

Rank 1 Spell Vendors:

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Pinskidan can be found in The Overthere, and sells Ring of Scale Rank 1 spells for Shaman and Beastlord.

Scroll: Aegis of Zeklor
Scroll: Akalit's Feralgia
Scroll: Ameliorating Counterbias
Scroll: Beramos' Maelstrom
Scroll: Blood of Tevik
Scroll: Breath of Elkikatar
Scroll: Chant of the Wulthan
Scroll: Cloud of Renewal
Scroll: Companion's Unity
Scroll: Convivial Warder
Scroll: Debilitating Bite
Scroll: Deltro's Mending
Scroll: Ekron's Chill
Scroll: Elkikatar's Endemic
Scroll: Erogo's Curse
Scroll: Erogo's Drowse
Scroll: Exhausting Bite
Scroll: Eyrzekla's Mending
Scroll: Eyrzekla's Recourse
Scroll: Feralisata
Scroll: Feralist's Unity
Scroll: Fetid Decay
Scroll: Focus of Artikla
Scroll: Frostbite Lance
Scroll: Frostbite Roar
Scroll: Frostbitten Gift
Scroll: Frozen Toxin
Scroll: Growl of the Sabretooth
Scroll: Halcyon Billow
Scroll: Hoshkar's Malady
Scroll: Ice Shards
Scroll: Incapacity
Scroll: Jinx
Scroll: Malosinata
Scroll: Mawmun's Bite
Scroll: Mawmun's Bite
Scroll: Mawmun's Venom
Scroll: Mirtuk's Faithful
Scroll: Natural Cooperation
Scroll: Nectar of Suffering
Scroll: Nexona's Spear of Venom
Scroll: Pack of Mirtuk
Scroll: Polybiad Blood
Scroll: Prehistoric Intervention
Scroll: Promised Alleviation
Scroll: Reckless Rejuvenation
Scroll: Rirwech's Affliction
Scroll: Rirwech's Malosinata
Scroll: Ri`zyr's Breath
Scroll: Ri`zyr's Rain of Venom
Scroll: Roar at the Moon
Scroll: Salve of Artikla
Scroll: Savage Growth
Scroll: Scorpikis Blood
Scroll: Spellbreaker's Keep
Scroll: Spirit of Akalit
Scroll: Spirit of Beramos
Scroll: Spirit of the Unwavering
Scroll: Spiritual Empowerment
Scroll: Spiritual Vibrancy
Scroll: Talisman of the Sabretooth
Scroll: Talisman of the Unwavering
Scroll: Talisman of the Wulthan
Scroll: Tremendous Velocity
Scroll: Tribal Bargain
Scroll: Unity of the Wulthan
Scroll: Vermistipus's Pandemic
Scroll: Virzak's Aggression
Scroll: Virzak's Melioration
Scroll: Virzak's Protection
Scroll: Ward of Remediation
Tome: Bestial Savagery
Tome: Hiatus
Tome: Mangle
Tome: Storm of Claws