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Veeshan's Peak

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Apothic Dragon Spine Hammer

Quest Giver: Ingisitorma Calcesa

Request Phrase: Turn in Faded Apothic Dragon Spine Hammer to Ingisitorma Calcesa
Time Limit: Unlimited
Task Type: Solo


Task Steps:

  • Deliver 1 Skeleton Essence to Ingisitorma Calcesa 0/1 (Veeshan's Peak) More Info


  • Deliver 1 Skeleton Essence to Ingisitorma Calcesa 0/1 (Veeshan's Peak)
    • Kill skeleton mobs found in Howling Stones, upon a successful kill, you will get a quest step update message, after 20-ish proper kills, you will receive an item.

      Return to turn in the item to Ingisitorma Calcesa back in Veeshan's Peak (as indicated by on the map)

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